77 Year Old Houston Area Man Co-Inventor of Innovative New Mobile App

Not Only Millennials Applying Smarts to the Mobile Market

John Sullivan, 77 year old insurance agent, co-invented 2MyPolicies.com the newly launched mobile website that allows the subscriber to securely upload all of their essential information such as insurance policies and ID cards, provider information, home inventory and other valuable information onto their Smartphones or tablets and share with all of the family members.

Sullivan and his business partner and wife Mary applied their 40 combined years of experience serving their clients in the insurance industry to building a product that empowers insurance policyholders with access to all of their policies when and where they need it. Studies show that the average American family of three spend over $12,000 per year on insurance premiums and yet, have no organized method to access their policy information when needed.

The Sullivans determined after experiencing flood, medical and auto claims of their own and assisting clients in managing their insurance plans that there had to be a better way to file, store, access and share the data for the family. When they couldn’t find a better way they invented it. They witnessed many cases of insurance consumers starving for insurance education. So articles and videos to create more transparency in the insurance industry are also an essential component of the new app.

2MyPolicies.com is the secure and affordable solution. For only $19.95 a month subscription, that’s less than 70 cents a day, the entire family is prepared for whatever emergency occurs with their vital insurance information. Parents can feel secure that their teen driver or college student has their insurance information on their Smartphone which we know never leaves their palms. The information is quickly and easily updated to everyone simultaneously.