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    Healthcare moves into the 21st Century

    Back in the day, doctors used to make house calls, and patients received treatment that suited their schedule and circumstances. But then things changed. Today you have to make an appointment to see your doctor and wait days or longer to even get to see him/her. Then when you do, you have to drive to their office, wait long beyond the appointed time to actually see them and in 5 minutes you are out of there with a prescription. Your time is wasted, its your gas & your parking fees added on top.

    Introducing Telemedicine.

    For over 30 years Telemedicine was used by doctors in remote regions to contact doctors in bigger centres with cases they were not capable of treating or diagnosing. Thus a more expert and qualified doctor could be accessed to ensure the patient was properly diagnosed and treated.

    Today, Telemedicine has moved from doctor to doctor. It is now available from doctor to patient. Using modern technology, Doctors are once again making house calls and at a fraction of the usual cost or typical insurance costs.

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