Don’t Trust Your Emergency Binder

With hurricane season upon us, it is important for all of us to be prepared in the event of a disaster. Many news stations may recommend creating a “red binder” with all the emergency contact information, insurance policies and medical records you may need, but what happens when your carefully created binder gets destroyed or lost from a hurricane, flood or severe thunderstorm? Even if you’ve created a “waterproof binder,” there’s no such thing as a hurricane-proof binder! gives you access to all of your personal information anytime, anywhere.

Even if you are stuck in an area where you have no power and no Internet, even if you have lost your phone, all of your personal information is stored and backed up in a single secure, password-protected place so you will never be able to lose it. You can also provide a trusted friend or family member with access to your information in case of an emergency.

News stations recommend your “red binder” include copies of identification including driver’s licenses, passports, marriage licenses and social security cards; financial information including checking, savings and retirement account information, stocks and bonds and other investments; health care information including insurance cards and health insurance plans; insurance information including home and auto policies, property photos and jewelry records; wills including your last will and testament, power of attorney and attorney contact information; and important contact information, including family, friend and professional contacts. With all of that information and paperwork, you will definitely have one big binder on your hands! Or, you can upload all of that information on and have access to it with a computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s that simple.

Don’t risk losing a binder full of all of your personal information!’s secure website and mobile app will keep your information in one place and at hand when you need it most. is a secure website and mobile app that manages all of your providers and documents in one place for the entire family’s access and use. You can store essential information about your insurance policies and contact information in one password-protected place, so you can file a claim faster and easier. For more information or to sign up for a subscription, visit