Recently Launched Website Revolutionizes How We Handle Catastrophic Events

HOUSTON (June 23, 2015)— recently launched a website that securely stores your essential insurance information; changing the way you recover from catastrophic weather disasters or medical emergencies, all for less than 70 cents a day.

Consumers spend thousands of dollars every year for various insurance policies just to keep them at the bottom of their junk drawer. Finally there is now a tool that will move the volumes of policies and other important information from obscurity to the place they should be—at your fingertips. provides password-protected access via smartphones, tablets and computers.

For less than 70 cents per day consumers are empowered to access their essential personal information 24/7 in case of an emergency. The information needed is quickly retrieved so consumers can quickly file a claim. But that’s not all. Now there is peace of mind for travelers who will always have policy information for medical or dental emergencies, or auto or boating accidents. Even pet information can be included. Parents can feel secure that their children have up-to-date information whether they are away at college or on vacation. Less than 70 cents a day covers every family member and a single data entry will keep everyone’s information current.

This mobile app is changing the way consumers use and view their insurance. It provides access and transparency like never before. While using their policies, consumers will have immediate access to review and claim the benefits they are paying high premiums for every month. Insurance agents are using this invaluable tool to increase customer satisfaction and improve customer service. For more information or to sign up for your life-changing subscription, visit